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Prayer Timetable

Date 26/06 27/06
Imsaak: 02:21 02:22
Fajr: 02:31 02:32
Sunrise: 04:52 04:53
Zohr: 1:12 1:12
Maghrib: 09:31 09:31

To recite Daily recommended Salah for the nights of Shahru Ramadan

It is recommended that in each night of the month of Ramadhan two rakat salah is recited

Condemning the London Attacks

"We wish to firmly re-iterate that we should not allow these acts of violence, voices of bigotry, fear and hatred to divide us. Certainly this will deny victory to these evil persons and their ideologies."

12th Ramadhan 1438 A.H. / 8th June 2017 - Dua Mujeer Reflections

duaMajlis Summary

"And your Lord said: Call Me and I will hear /respod (your supplications) ..." Sura Al Mumin 40:60.

The Friday Message - Issue No: 287 - General Elections

voteIssue No: 287
7th June 2017
11th Shahru Ramadhan 1438 A.H.

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